Meanderings «Our hope is lost at sea»

27 November, 2020
Meanderings "Our hope is lost at sea"

“Our Hope Is Lost At Sea” is Dann Michael Torres 8th release as Meanderings and his first for El Muelle Records.
This 11 track album explores, loss, hope and nostalgic contemplation by way of electro-acoustic sound sources – multiple iterations of stringed instruments processed with live electronics – into solemn patterns and melancholic phrases. Equal measures of textural guitar, sourced tape, environmental sampling and ambient distress unfold and reveal themselves as shadowed echoes of reverberation throughout.

Dann Michael Torres is a guitar minimalist, composer and sound designer that has been working in live performance and music licensing for many years.

Employing a variety of compositional techniques – extended range guitars, prepared strings, altered tunings, tape loops, field recordings and electronics – his work intersects the broad landscape of ambient drone, sound collage and modern classical.

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